Asociația Europeană a Furnizorilor de Servicii pentru Persoane cu Dizabilități

COVID-19 Webinar Series

#1 Health needs of persons with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

#2 Ensuring staff continuity in social services during the COVID-19 pandemic

#3 Adapting services for persons with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

#4 The role of funding for support service providers in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

Fund Inclusion: should social care & support be not-for-sale? “Alternatives to Public Procurement in Social Care and Support”

#5 Support services and informal carers: The importance of partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic

#6 Service providers moving to online support during the COVID-19 pandemic

#7 Support provision and ethical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic

#8 Re-launching support services during the lifting of confinement rules

#9 Creative Connections during COVID-19: Arts Practitioners, Disability Service Providers and Cultural Organisations

#10 Ensuring access to education during COVID-19

#11 Early Childhood Intervention during COVID-19

#12 COVID-19 EU funding opportunities for non-EU Member States

#13 Face-to-face services moving to on-line mode during COVID-19

#14 Challenges for disability service provision in rural areas during COVID-19

Social services and Covid-19: what role for EU?

Early Childhood Intervention – How can the EU support children with disabilities from the first step?

Toward community-based living in Western Balkan and Eastern partnership countries

EASPD Toolkit Webinar- Need EU Money? Engage Now to Benefit Later

EASPD Toolkit Webinar- Need EU Money? Engage Now to Benefit Later. Part II

ALL IN! Closing Conference

Parteneriatul Estic (Eastern Partnership)

Embracing Remote Work for Civil Society / Переход на удаленную работу в организациях гражданского общества

Online Project Management Tools / Онлайн-инструменты управления проектами